Thursday, March 20, 2008

gambar2 labuan & brunei

keterangan gambar mengikut urutan:
  1. Baker Petrolite warehouse - its small since it just a temp warehouse
  2. Checking out one of the our customer warehouse - purak-purak je tu
  3. Murphy Oil warehouse - the warehouse is huge,locate in Asian Supply Base
  4. Particle Counter Test - the equipment worth more than 1million
  5. Pantai Pancur Hitam - nice beach
  6. Pantai Pancur Hitam - nice sunset view at the beach
  1. Kuala Belait - sunset in Brunei
  2. Bake petrolite warehouse - its a complete facility
  3. Nodding Donkey in OGDC - it just one of the exhibition stuff
  4. Nodding Donkey - this is real one, and its functioning
  5. One Millionth Barrel Monument - just one of the tourist site
  6. RBC demo - they are very good in doing this
  7. Another old nodding donkey
  8. Baker petrolite Workshop - servicing and checking the injection equipment,RBC and other stuff
  9. SAFETY first!!!
  10. OGDC - oil and gas discovery centre

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