Tuesday, April 14, 2009

emo post.


xtau nak cakap apa.jz want to write sumthing bout...ntahle..jz want to write.
currently feel bad.disappointed.lonely.pathetic.naive.and helpless.skang i jz feel want to walk or go sumwhere,vacation or road trip maybe.enjoying places,food and people.jz want to get away from my current life.bored.hypocrite.stressful.and not-happy-ending version one.everyone seem busy with their life and think only bout their fun and joy.hardly to ask something from them.i guess.i dont know but what i feel now is no friend, jz friend for it?only come to you, asking favor if they need one,when got problem or sad moment,but not when they are having fun, receieve good news.or i'm da only one feel that coz i'm forgettable and unimportant person type.i admit that i'm also person who looking friend when need sumthing but one perfect i cant blame everyone.

sometimes i hope i have more fun in life which i shouldnt expect everytime since the sky not always blue right?ntahle.dont have friend same otak ni susah skit.gila2 and outdoor type.i wish i can go hiking in the jungle,climbing the mountain, driving to a place jz for fun,unplanned holiday,like i'd one for earth hour.wish got a friend to hang out along.jz went to kl for one nite and going back the next morning.its fun.watching people and building.which i wish sometimes i rather walk alone and having fun with strangers rather than my me pathetic going alone but its more fun rather asking friend that dont have interest,right?not said that i'm not appreciating them but da same time its hard to puaskn hati sume org.betul x?same ere.i think i cant have what i want everytime.i knew that.dont tell me bout it coz i'm the person who realize it by jz sometimes it hard to get over it.disappointment always fill people heart when they dont get what they unstructured writing.i jz write whatever cross my mind.

btw getting old this coming tuesday.dont expect and dont want a party or wish big present like last year.jz a simple wish and a normal day life is already good for me.nothing more that i can wish for my bosan for my friend who read this,i dont want anything except a simple wish.thats all~

k la.what a bored post.hoping to have more fun post next time.hee..

salam sang kelana d-_-b