Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

At last, after 6month far away from home sweet home, i'm back in terengganu where my home is.

sowi to everyone since da blog was left berhabuk.hu2.quite busy with final thingy.haih~hope i can cope everything before i enter new semester dat just few days to go.hu2.too many things happened in last few days.da first one is i got 1sms from phylunk,bdk sekolah melayu jalan stesen. he said about sam,also bdk skolah melayu jalan stesen. his mother just passed away sumwhere in early june.eksiden kena langgar bas.innalillah wa innalillahirajiun. hope my friend can get through all this hard time since his father already passed away and now he lost his beloved mum.semoga Allah menetapkan hatinya pada jalan yang benar dan diberikan kesabaran dan ketabahan mengharungi hidup yang penuh pancaroba. i as ur friends always pray happiness and success to all my friends in this world and world hereafter.

enough bout dat, nak cakap plak pasal jln2 kl.hu2.since dah kat 3bulan terdampar di pulau labuan, so ku melepaskan gian window shopping kt kl. pergi pavillion, cineleisure, midvalley, low yatt, times square and sunway pyramid.hu2..ku memang kaki jalan.xleh duk memerap lama2 sangat dalam rumah.biasala taurus bnyk jalan,bnyk gakle habis duet,tapi xde shopping apa2 pon.mostly makan.transport and beli2 barang2 kecil-majalah etc...

last but not least, standing ovation and a big applause to tronoh theater shop or can i said "school of mime" dat gave wonderful shows in KLPac last monday. u can review some of their comment in half la nak wat link.cek la kat link sebelah ni.huhuhu..they perform mime shows which a rare show in malaysia. most people who came to watch "the Platform"-an opportunity to who want to give a show where they don have place/money/time to do a show; gave good remarks for TTS@school of mime show.quite proud with all u guys.unfortunately i'm not talented with this kind of stuff even i'd try train in this mime thingy. keeep up all the good works guys!!

k la.some of the pic that it took during merewang2 di bandar metropolitan- kuala lumpur

shot2 merewang di kuala lumpur

the performer at KLPac

salam sang kelana d--b


ruzzAT said...

i'm still waiting for the molten chocolate cake to come fly hereeeeee HAAHAHAHAHAHAH

Ib said...

welcome home wwelcome home...cheh tetibe jerk ako kan?hahha