Monday, March 30, 2009

lone ranger went to Earth Hour 2009


So jz nak share with the momento of earth hour.spending weekend in utp masa cuti midsem is not good idea.then since the earth hour event is coming.i bought the tren tiket and went to kl.alone.yihaaa!!

jln sorg2 kt KL tuh,mcm pelancong plak.exploring new city.hee..teringat plak kt dubai.kalo nak tahu what i was doing in dubai,tgk kat archive tuh under dubai post.k la.what is earth hour,i posted it already this one jz pica at the main earth hour event at capsquare,kl.katne tuh, korg google or gps la sendiri.aku pon merayau gak nak mencari.hee..enjoy da pica~

Top 8 OIAM....jgn jeles alin.aku jumpa aweera~
sbb aku smpi lmbt, xdpt nak beli baju earth hour.haih~
in conjuction with KL design week.kat situ gak.menarikkn.guna kertas je tuh.
terjumpa plak mamat ni....
kids,the future the earth for their future life
cameramen & camerawomen in action
siapkn 60 using candles
walk of hope.send the messages to the world
host of the event.joey g
ramainya orang...
walk of hope with KLCC background
diorang posing lagi.jgn marah ye alin~
before 8.30pm
after 8.30pm
spot the different
malaysian prouds~
save the earth for better life
after earth hour event.jac......and i got front row.hee...

k la.will bz with all stuff with all the final sem things.will update if got time.and wish me luck for shell interview this coming monday-6/4.have a happy life everyday!!

salam sang kelana d-_-b


Jazlin Ernida said...

wahahaha aku baru dapat baca blog ko ni ok sumpah jealous apsal ko dapat jumpa aweera huwargh! jealous! aku curik gambar tau. gambar yang ada aweera je lah hehehe.

Jazlin Ernida said...

oh jap, tapi aku rasa gambar-gambar ko ni aku paling suka tengok muka nine! sexy! :D