Wednesday, June 25, 2008

gelombang ketiga...


tomorrow ku akan masuk kelas scuba.weee~i'm going to discover under water world.he2.suka2...btw,dats not the one dat i want to talk about now.currently ada dua tajuk.tapi cam lebih suka topik ni.sebab ble dikongsi bersama,dan ble berkongsi pendapat.

ingt tak apa yang berlaku pada tahun 1986 dan 1997 di malaysia.yah i know,i jz born that year,1986.big deal.but as far as we concern as malaysia citizen there sumthing big happened that effect most of our lifestyle.hmm..xtau??or slip from ur mind??i said this coz i thinking of my future next year.what will happened to me when i'm graduating from university if this happened i want to share this with all my friends out there since most of u will grad next year especially who in engineering course la.hmm...still cant guess??sapa2 yg dah ble teka.tahniah.u r good malaysian.but who cant guess,is not ur fault since u jz born in 1986 and u only in standard 5.baru nak kenal dunia time tu.

masih ingat sapa itu george soros??IMF??..ya..i'm talking bout kegawatan ekonomi.i want to share bout this with u all since this topic dibawa masa time kitorg dinner with an interesting person who own a very good company in labuan.and i think she is very down to earth while she soar the blue sky like eagle with proud.yah.everyone agree when we said Chinese is very good in,when she brought this topic and she can xplain with some facts and her own experience for last 20 years.i'm very impress with her.

she said this big tsunami is occured like a happened once in 1986.then it happened in 1997-1998.actually it happened early already around 1996 where she said out of 20 or 15 rig in labuan were closed for operation to cut down the budget.only 3 operates that time.the labuan got the effect already while in peninsular the government made a move that we felt the effect late in 1997-1998.hmm..some good point there.then she come out one thing that more suprise for me that will graduate as chemical engineer major in petroleum.she said most of the operator(petronas,shell etc) now are done with exploration so far.and more conc on production and maintenance.hmm..when if no more progress in xploration,there will be less job offer.haih~

summore she said this base on ramalan this part is not what i believe as muslim coz everything happened with Allah is the mastermind and we do not know what happened in the future except Allah.btw...i just want to said she got very good point there and is not wrong to safe than sorry.seperti kata pepatah,"sediakan payung sebelum hujan"."jangan terhantuk baru nak terngadah".ya..we can see how world right now.war still peace even in your own home. oil price is hiking.same goes to foods and basic needs.not to mention the inflation in some of the country are incerasing.people are not satisfied with their gov.economy goes up and down.

so she come with out for next year,2009.waa...i just want to graduate and have a nice,for me,its good to take precaution coz who know what happen next right??so i just want to have some opinion and facts from u friends bout this matter.or u not concern enough while jz flow with the current without knowing u will threat but i want piece of ur mind.we can share bout this,discuss and correct me if i'm wrong with the fact or what i believe.ok??

kalo xnak least i got sumthing to share with my u all can sit back and think for a while.not just enjoying the undiscover world and take life so easy while without u realize u will going to the next stage of your life-work life,marriage,family and so on so orang tua plak ak cakap.ya,ku hanya mahu berpijak di bumi yang nyata.nanti terlalu tinggi menggapai bintang di awan sampai terlupa bumi untuk berpijak..

so i leave u all with this topic to share,to think and to discuss...

salam sang kelana d--b

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ruzz!! said...

oh bummer.
just nice for graduating heh..
but whatever it is, future is beyond our control.. we can just plan plan plan~~

oh weh!! mana aci dapat gi scuba class!!! i wanted to have the license since what?! 10 years ago?! aaarrrghhhhhh!!

nanti kita gi scuba sama2!! berenang sama itu nemo.. heheheeh ;)